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Lady Lions cruise, Lions win in OT

January 21, 2011

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The LaGrange Lady Gators spent their Friday night battling the Lafayette Lady Lions in the Hub City. LaGrange soon found out that the true battle would be keeping up with Lafayette’s swiftness. The Lady Lions made it look easy as they quickly jumped out to a large lead. The challenge for the Lady Gators in the first half was to try to maintain a deficit no more than ten points. LaGrange was successful in this feat until the remaining minutes of the half when Lafayette pulled away to a 39-21 advantage. On top of aggressive play, the Lady Lions were crafty — making layups and shots that drew a collective gasp from the crowd. LaGrange appeared motivated and ready at the beginning of the last two quarters, but the Lafayette Lady Lions never lost their poise, or the lead, as they ran away with the game 65-44.

The LaGrange Gators followed in the wake of their female counterpart and clashed with the Lafayette Lions Friday night in the green gym of Lafayette High School. The Gators needed a mere five seconds to draw first blood, after which the Lions attacked back but were not able to again until three minutes later. Lafayette trailed LaGrange 9-2 midway through the first quarter; however, once the first minute of the second quarter elapsed the Lions saw the deficit decrease to two. With 1:16 remaining in the half, Lafayette found themselves tied for the first time of the game. The Lions waited 25 more seconds before taking their first lead. Lafayette was gleefully smiling, going into the halftime break 21-17. The low scoring of the first half persisted into the second half. Despite leading the majority of the third quarter, the Lions saw a scoreboard that read 31 points for both the home and away team. The gymnasium was electric as the Lions and Gators  traded basket for basket. Under two minutes left in the final quarter, the Lions were tightly holding unto a 42-41 lead. The Lafayette gym is where amazing happens — LaGrange sank a three point shot with 20 seconds left to tie the game at 44. The Lions in-bounded the ball at half court with 14 seconds to win the game. The ball was passed to Jewell Arceneaux (35), who got trampled. He missed his free throw and as a result the Gators charged down the court. A Gator forward went to the line and missed both shots. Overtime ensued. Continuing with the trend of the last two quarters, the score was, indeed, tied at 46. At the 1:30 mark, Lafayette completed the go ahead “and one.” That was all the motivation they needed to go on and win 54-46


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